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Prices for hotel listings in 2023 (if places are available):

Basic PlanSilver Plan Everything included in Basic PlanGold Plan Everything included in Silver PlanPlatinum Plan Everything included in Gold Plan
Guaranteed place in catalogueSilver Partner badge Gold Partner badge Platinum Partner badge
Information about your hotelHigher position in catalogue (above Basic plan hotels) Best positions in our catalogue (above Silver plan hotels) Best place in our catalogue (TOP SPOT above all other hotels)
Pictures of your hotel (up to 5)1 blog post where your hotel will be mentioned2 additional blog posts where your hotel will be mentioned4 additional blog posts where your hotel will be mentioned
Price information (for single and double rooms)Additional 5 picturesDirect link to your hotel in blog posts3 month banner place (right side)
! Limit of hotels 40*! Limit of hotels – 9*Additional 5 pictures1 video of your hotel
! Limit of hotels – 6*! Limit of hotels – 1*
€ 290.00 /YEAR
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€ 690.00 /YEAR
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€ 1290.00 /YEAR
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€ 2500.00 /YEAR
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*We have a limited number of spaces in our catalogue; if they are all taken, you will have to wait until next year’s subscription period. Prices will vary from year to year based on how hotels compete for spots in our catalogue. For example, in the Platinum Plan, only one hotel can get this place, and it will not change for a year; it is specifically assigned to one exclusive Platinum Plan subscriber.